J. Miller’s Latest Project: The NYSNG during the Pennsylvania Campaign

nysngverson2Our Washington Township Historian has released his third book on Civil War history this past week. The book “The New York State National Guard During The 1863 Pennsylvania Campaign” is available for sale.  This is a very unique book following the history of several regiments of the New York State National Guard from their homes in New York to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It also tells their story from Harrisburg to Frederick, Maryland during the Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg.

The book breaks down their experiences during the Second Confederate Invasion of the north by known regimental histories and is full of photographs. The book is 64 pages, with black/white photographs and is a softcover binding which was published by the Emmitsburg News Journal 2014 and printed by J&M Printing of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. All proceeds will help fund future projects including education programs for the Monterey Pass Battlefield.

Although, the New York State National Guard never fought at Gettysburg, the book itself fills in a void of a forgotten aspect of the Pennsylvania Campaign in which many New York soldiers of the National Guard felt that the Battle of Gettysburg would completely overshadow their operations in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

All proceeds will help fund future projects including education programs for the Monterey Pass Battlefield. The book is $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Email John at j.a.miller@comcast.net to order your copy today.


The author holding a copy of his new book at Gettysburg National Military Museum and Visitor Center in front of a large mural of New York State National Guardsmen of the 7th Regiment. John is an Assistant Manager who works for the Gettysburg Foundation, Visitor Services Department.

February 20, 2014, Meeting Minutes

Present: Alicia Miller, Terry Eisenhauer, Gary Muller, Ken Brown, John Gorman, Joe Mackley, Dick McCracken, Steve Patterson, and Lee Royer

Staff: John Miller, Michael Christopher, and Clint Rock

Alicia Miller called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm

Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of the January meeting were approved on a Dick McCracken/Terry Eisenhauer motion. Vote was unanimous.

Treasurers Report/Annual Report

Michael Christopher presented the February Treasurer’s report. The treasurer’s report was approved on a Ken Brown/Lee Royer motion. Vote was unanimous.


Alicia Miller presented the 2014 membership form to the Board. She also noted that 2014 annual meeting will be Thursday, March 20th, at 7pm. The regular monthly meeting of the FMPB, Inc. will begin at 6:30pm. Nominees for officer positions were briefly discussed, following up from the January meeting. Gary Muller accepted a possible nomination for the Secretary position.


Alicia Miller noted the upcoming event of the Spring Fair to be held March 15th at the Blue Ridge Summit Fire Hall. John Gorman said that he would represent the FMPB, Inc. at this event. She also discussed CWTPark Day even on April 5th. Projects for the park day were discussed. Fencing and trees/landscaping were selected as target projects. Lynn and Duke Martin have volunteered to provide lunch. Gary Muller will provide an auger and order the fencing. Clint Rock will look into which trees are most suitable. It was noted that there will be many events with the upcoming summer season. John Miller specifically noted an event at the Blue Ridge Summit Library with the Ammerman Foundation in which volunteers will be providing living history related programs to educate children.

Property Renovations

Lee Royer gave an update on the construction status of the interpretive center. He stated that work has been done for display walls inside the building and that the exterior will be ready for soffit and fascia in the near future. He went on to discuss materials to be used on the interior of the building, specifically discussing tile in the restrooms and trim. Michael Christopher stated that there are currently no updates on insurance. Steve Patterson stated that there is also no update on the access agreement.

WTMA Property

Michael Christopher stated that FranklinCounty may have funding available for the purchase of the WTMA tract, in the near future. This funding would require no match but will require a guarantee that it will be used for its intended purpose in a reasonable timeframe. Accepting this funding when/if it comes available was approved on a Joe Mackley/Lee Royer Motion. Vote was unanimous. Steve and Charlie will work on drafting a sales agreement to be presented to WTMA.

New Business

Keys for the interpretive center were given to Alicia Miller, Joe Mackley, Lee Royer, John Gorman, Terry Eisenhauer, and Gary Muller. Township Planner, Clint Rock, Township Parks and Maintenance staff, and Township Secretary, Karen Hargrave, also have keys to the building.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Clint Rock, recording Secretary, for Gary L. Muller