General George Custer’s Personal 2nd Cavalry Guidon

custer flag001General George Custer’s Personal 2nd Cavalry Guidon given to him in October of 1863. This silk guidon is a two layer flag that measures 35”X 52” and features several of the battles the Wolverines engaged in during the Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg. Gold fringe decorates the outer edge of the flag. The battle honors in gold paint includes Hanover, Hunterstown, Gettysburg, Monterey, Boonsboro, 1st Hagerstown, Williamsport, 2nd Hagerstown, Falling Waters, Newby’s Crossroads and Culpepper. Today, this flag rests at the Monroe County Historical Musuem, Monroe Michigan

Image courtesy of Ms. Chris Kull, Curator/Certified Archivist.

Museum Building Process

P1030617In August 2013, Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. broke ground on a new building that will be use

d as a museum and interpretive center. The building will house our collection of artifacts that were found on the battlefield as well as other artifacts that will help interpret the Civil War as it relates to Washington Township.

A total of six galleries are planned that will help visitors understand the Battle of Monterey Pass and how it became the only battle to be fought on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line. The museum will also interpret the Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg and how a portion of the Union Sixth Corps attacked the Confederate rearguard.

P1030618Other interpretive panels will discuss Washington Township during the Civil War with movements in the area during the Pennsylvania Campaign including the New York State National Guard.

The panels will be written and galleries will be designed by the Washington Township Historian. Upon completion these will be sent out to be manufactured by C-Ely signs.

It is our goal to have the museum up and running by fall of 2014.  If you interesting in becoming a museum docent please feel free to contact us. Once we have a complete listing of those interested, our township historian will have a training session with everyone.