June 25, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Present: Alicia Miller, Terry Eisenhauer, Ted Alexander, Ken Brown, John Gorman, Joe Mackley, Dick McCracken,
Steve Patterson, and Lee Royer

Staff: John Miller, Michael Christopher, and Clint Rock

Alicia Miller called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm

Meeting Minutes
The Minutes of the May meeting were approved on a Dick McCracken/Joe Mackley motion. Vote was unanimous.

Treasurers Report/Annual Report
No Treasurer’s Report was presented

Alicia Miller discussed the Blue Ridge Summit Library event, held last weekend, saying that there had been a big turnout and a lot of interest, generated. She went on to briefly outline other upcoming events for the summer season.

Property Renovations
Lee Royer stated that the building is nearly complete. He noted the plumbing, electric and alarm should be completed in the near future. Hess Brothers will be back to repair floor. He also noted several dead trees that were brought to his attention that will need to be removed
There was a brief discussion on the staffing of the museum, when complete. Resources will be researched. Michael Christopher discussed insurance for the Board/Museum. FMPB will need policy on content, liability and directors. It was suggested by Mr. Christopher that the FMPB, Inc. prepare a waiver of liability for tours in an effort to
decrease insurance liability. It was agreed that a waiver will be prepared on a Ken Brown/Dick McCracken motion. Vote was unanimous.
It was also noted that the access agreement had been discussed with the adjoining property owner and that they are still reviewing the agreement as they have concerns over liability issues. Alicia Miller noted that the FMPB, Inc. will be receiving a $50,000 donation.

WTMA Property
Michael Christopher stated that Franklin County would be announcing their awarded grants the next day and it had been indicated to him that Washington Township would be awarded $215,000 toward the
purchase of the WTMA parcel. He noted that, with this news, he would like to pursue the purchase of additional acreage, as well. He added that he will prepare a sales agreement, in the near future.

New Business
Volunteer positions within the Board were discussed, including marketing volunteers and membership volunteers. Ken Brown and John Gorman volunteered for membership, however marketing was tabled for
further discussion.

The FMBP, Inc. joining PA Museums was discussed. The decision to join was made on a Joe Mackley/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.

Ted Alexander suggested a book signing of the upcoming reprint of his book and having a prints of a Battle of Monterey Pass painting as possible fundraisers. Ted also stated that the Chambersburg Civil War Seminar group will be making a donation in the near future with proceeds from their seminars.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Clint Rock, recording Secretary
For Gary L. Muller

Savage Contract Model 1861 Springfield Rifled Musket

We had another artifact donation come in to the Washington Township office on Friday June 27, 2014. This is a 61 Springfield Rifled Musket that was produced in 1863 by Savage Arms. The musket was found near the battlefield and comes with the bayonet that was issued to the rifle. This rifle has been in the same family for generations and now will be proudly displayed in the Monterey Pass Battlefield Park Museum. 10447101_659749807446886_5045934399861607899_n 1545082_659749757446891_4824938675550092610_n 1976959_659749827446884_7636554290571686704_n 10155228_659749787446888_6400036776029642912_n