June 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Alicia Miller, Elaine Gladhill, Gary Muller, Ken Brown, John Gorman, Joe Mackley, Steve Patterson, Lee Royer, and Darwin Seiler.

Staff:  John Miller and Clint Rock

Alicia Miller called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm

 Meeting Minutes

  • The Minutes of the May meeting were approved on a John Gorman/Lee Royer motion. Vote was unanimous.

 Treasurers Report

  • Alicia Miller presented the Treasurers Report. The report was approved on a Ken Brown/Elaine Gladhill motion. Vote was unanimous.


  • Alicia Miller outlined upcoming events, noting an 8pm Campfire Program and the Mason-Dixon A.T. Outdoor Festival, both on Saturday, June 20. Darwin Seiler said that he would represent the FMPB, Inc. at the Outdoor Festival.
  • She discussed programing for the 152nd Anniversary of the Battle to be held July 3 through July 5 as well as the Blue Ridge Summit Ice Cream Social, filming for PCN, and the Burning of Chambersburg event, all of which being held on July 18.
  • She also noted that John Miller will be conducting a guided tour of the park on July 25th.
  • The Night at the Museum event has been tabled until next year, due to time constraints and the purchase of the small games of chance license.


  • John Miller outlined the proposed trails for the newly purchased property and displayed a new brochure proposed for the park, once the trails are developed. Washington Township is in the process of applying for grant funding to construct the trails and parking area and to purchase the interpretive panels.
  • The question of a side trail along the Maria Furnace road, for safety, was raised. It was understood that there would be no additional trail and that the road would remain in it’s current, unimproved state, for historic integrity.


  • Alicia Miller stated that a television is in place at the museum to display the Monterey Pass
  • She added that new shirts were available. It was agreed that shirts would be made available for purchase at the museum at a price of $20.
  • Alicia reminded the board that their cost for shirts, if they purchased an additional one, was $16.00 each (Joe, Ken, Terry, John G., John M., Gary, Charlie).
  • Darwin Seiler discussed the possibility of having hats made for sale and John Miller asked about the possibility of patches. Darwin will check into pricing.
  • Other items for sale in the museum were also discussed, specifically the receipt book, how to handle donations as part of the “cost”, and that sales tax included in the sale price of the item.
  • The supply of books that we have for sale is getting low. Lee has more copies of the gray Monterey books that he will bring up.  The larger Monterey books that FCVB originally produced will need to be edited before reprinting.
  • Lee Royer discussed some site improvement items such as fertilizing the grass, spraying weeds, mulch by trees, dirt leveled out by storage building, cutting off the white cap in the back lot, adding a pipe for the roof drain, removing stump in the back lot, and filling in around a catch basin.
  • Security cameras were briefly discussed. It was decided that trail cameras may be a better option.
  • Backgrounds checks for board members and volunteers were discussed. Background checks are good for 3 years.  If staff have already had done, please forward paperwork to township.  Anyone who has not had a background check completed, will need to stop by the township office to do so before December.
  • A management agreement was also briefly discussed. Steve will confer with Mike on the logistics of this agreement.

    New Business

    • John Miller discussed a preservation march proposed for July 4, 2016 along Gum Springs/Furnace Road and onto the Maria Furnace Road. It was agreed to beginning the planning of the march on a Ken Brown/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 pm on a Ken Brown/Joe Mackley motion. Vote was unanimous.

    Respectfully submitted,                                                                          Clint Rock, recording Secretary For Gary L. Muller

May 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Present: Alicia Miller, Charlie Strausbaugh, Steve Patterson, Ken Brown, Elaine Gladhill, Lee Royer, John Gorman, Joe Mackley, Terry Eisenhauer, Darwin Seiler

Staff: John Miller

Alicia Miller called the meeting to order at 6:32pm

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the April 16 meeting were approved, as presented, on a Joe Mackley/Lee Royer motion. Vote was unanimous.

Amended bylaws were approved on an Elaine Gladhill/Lee Royer motion. Vote was unanimous.

Treasurers Report

$185.39 in checking and $12,237.49 in money market. Treasurer’s report was accepted, as presented, on a Ken Brown/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.


Brubaker Dedication Follow up – John Gorman provided feedback on the event. Alicia read email from Brubaker relative, commending us on the ceremony.

Night at the Museum Fundraiser – Alicia needs to complete the rest of the registration.

Mason Dixon AT Outdoor Festival, June 20 at Red Run – Darwin will attend on behalf of FMPB. Darwin also announced that they are waiving the registration fee for us.


Is officially part of the Monterey Pass Battlefield property, owned by Washington Township.

Park boundaries need to somehow be established.

Alicia mentioned that the trails have already been established, will be using existing trails. Elaine suggested a walk of property. Alicia will let board know what date/time this will happen.

Interpretive markers will need to be installed. John Miller has an estimate of $5,000 – $8,000 for markers and installation. Charlie suggested approaching businesses to sponsor a sign at a fee of $500/sign.


Alicia reviewed visitor stats, as maintained by John Miller. For March/April, there were 678 visitors at museum or attending events.

Television has been donated by Pat O’Connor and will be installed.

Franklin County Visitors Bureau will print the brochures that we create at no charge. Alicia and John are working on creating and editing them.

Outside tour groups were discussed. Alicia cited the resolution, as put into effect by Washington Township when the property was originally purchased, that states that no outside entity can sell/make profit, while on property. Alicia also reviewed past issues with other tour groups not knowing property boundaries, and then going onto private land.

Staff shirts were discussed. The docents will receive their first one at no charge, and then will pay for any extra they may want. A sign up sheet was passed around for the Board, if they want to order more. Darwin will check with Olympian to see if they can order the shirts.

Alicia reviewed the process of selling items at the museum. Alicia and John installed a brochure/book rack on the wall. This is where books for sale will be placed, with a label indicating the price of each. The price already includes tax, so the docent will not need to calculate tax on each sale.