CPL Joseph Brubaker, Jr. Memorial Re-dedicated

brubaker 090On April 18, the Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. held a special ceremony to re-dedicate the memorial to , who lost his life serving his country in the Vietnam War.  His parents, who were locals to the area, constructed the original memorial on the property shortly after his death.  Upon purchasing the property, one of the goals of the Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. was to give this memorial a permanent home on the front of the museum, for all to see.

Joseph Brubaker, Jr. was born and raised in Blue Ridge Summit. Shortly after graduating from Waynesboro Area Senior High School, Joe joined the United States Marines. He was brubaker 087transferred to Vietnam in December 1966, where he became a Crew Chief with the Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 362, 1st Marine Air Wing.  He served two tours in Vietnam from December 1966 to February 1969, earning the rank of Corporal.  CPL Brubaker received 31 Air Medals and participated in over 620 combat missions.  His last assignment was flying in support of  Marine forces involved in Operation Lynn River, Da Nang, Quang Nam Province.  Corporal Joseph Brubaker, Jr. was killed in action on February 6, 1969.

 brubaker 005The ceremony honoring Corporal Brubaker began at 12:00 p.m. with a Posting of Colors by Sgt. Richard Billig, 8th and I Marines, Marine Corps League, Gettysburg Detachment.  The Re-Dedication of the memorial and wreath laying was done by Alicia Miller, Chairman of the Friends of Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc., James Funk, Jr., USMCR, Carlton Crenshaw, USMCR, Dennis Brubaker, who was Cpl. Brubaker’s cousin, and Philip H. Collins, Company B, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.  The ceremony concluded with guest speakers Aubrey Yanzito  for Senator Pat Toomey, Congressman Bill Schuster of the U.S. House of Representatives, David Keller, Chairman of the Franklin County Commissioners, Dennis Brubaker, James Funk, Jr., and Carlton Crenshaw.  A special thanks goes out to Thomas Cantwell and John Gorman for planning this event.

brubaker 078The Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. hopes that you will join them in the 2015 tourism season.  New for this year, are the inclusion of campfire programs in the evening.  These programs are a great way to learn more about local history, and the kids love these programs, so bring your whole family!  They have many events planned that are open to the public, so please check their website often, http://www.montereypassbattlefield.org.  Also, if you love history, and are interested in volunteering your time for the education of others, please let the Friends of Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. know, they are always looking for volunteers and new ideas.

March Meeting Minutes (Annual Membership Meeting)

The Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Incorporated Meeting Minutes March 19, 2015

Present: Alicia Miller, Terry Eisenhauer, Ken Brown, Elaine Gladhill, John Gorman, Gary Muller, Lee Royer, and Charlie Strasbaugh

Staff: John Miller, Michael Christopher, and Clint Rock

Alicia Miller called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm

Annual Meeting

  • Alicia Miller recapped 2014, noting that there were 11 individual memberships and 8 family memberships and that the board had received donations totaling in excess of $67,000. She added that, between donations, memberships, and book/print sales, the FMPB, Inc. raised a total of $68,698.78 in 2014.
  • Ted Alexander, Terry Eisenhauer, Elaine Gladhill, and Gary Muller were nominated for reappointment to the board
  • Officers were nominated as follows: Chairperson, Alicia Miller; Vice Chair, Elaine Gladhill; Secretary, Gary Muller; and Treasurer, Charlie Strausbaugh.
  • Nominations were closed on a Charlie Strausbaugh/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.
  • The board member nominees were reappointed on a Charlie Strausbaugh/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.
  • The officers were reappointed on a Charlie Strausbaugh/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.
  • It was also agreed to appoint Darwin Seiler as an honorary board member on a Terry Eisenhauer/Elaine Gladhill motion. Vote was unanimous.
  • The annual meeting was closed on a Lee Royer/John Gorman motion. Vote was unanimous.

Meeting Minutes

  • The Minutes of the February meeting were approved on a John Gorman/Ken Brown motion. Vote was unanimous.

Treasurers Report

  • Charlie Strausbaugh presented the treasurer’s report, outlining recent expenditures.
  • The treasurer’s report was accepted on an Elaine Gladhill/Terry Eisenhauer motion. Vote was unanimous.


  • Alicia Miller noted the upcoming museum opening on April 11.
  • John Gorman discussed the Brubaker memorial event, stating that flyers have been sent out and have generated a lot of interest. He said that the Blue Ridge Summit Lions Club and the owner of the former “Major Deals” property have agreed to allow visitors to park on their properties and that Fire Police with Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue have been schedule to help direct traffic for the event.
  • Alicia Miller discussed the Spring Fair event, being held on Saturday, March 21. Darwin Seiler will staff the museum from 10am-12pm, Ken Brown from 12-2, and John Gorman from 2-4. A display with information about Monterey Pass will also be at the portion of the event held at the Blue Ridge Fire Hall.
  • A “Night at the Museum” event idea was discussed. It was suggested that tickets would be issued for every $20 donation. Tickets would be entered into a drawing for dinner and catered wine event with a tour from John Miller. Michael Christopher pointed out that a small games of chance license would be needed for this type of event and that the Rouzerville Business Association or Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue license could be used, pending permission of either organization.

WTMA Property

  • Michael Christopher stated that there is currently not a set closing date on the property, however the funding is in place and a survey is being recorded. The only item remaining is a recorded deed, which should happen, relatively soon.


  • Alicia Miller recapped the docent training conducted on March 7 stating that it was very successful and everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • Lee Royer discussed the proposed flagpole, saying that is on hold for now, with snow in the forecast, but that flag pole and site for the cannons will be placed off of the parking area and that K&M Dri-Lay Masonry will be donating a paver area of the flagpole and cannons.
  • John Gorman stated that Volvo will not be able to donate a television but that he has applied for a grant from Walmart for the purchase. He added that, regardless, he will make sure that a television will be available for the upcoming events.

New Business

  • Michael Christopher said that that the first $1,000 was received from F&M Trust for the purchase of a cannon and the other $5,000 should arrive, later this spring. He suggested additional protection for the cannon and flag pole from the parking area, following the recent destruction of the kiosk.
  • He also added that the WTMA has denied the request to metal detect on their property and have requested that no metal detecting take place until they have installed a fence around their well sites.
  • He went on to note that the 1.46 acre parcel has been purchased from the Blue Ridge Summit Lions Club.
  • Also the South Mountain Partnership event to be held this fall is not their annual partnership meeting and, as such, will not be pursued for Blue Ridge Summit.
  • He added that there have been no updates on an event with Kent Masterson Brown and, therefore, the event idea should be cancelled until a later date.
  • Ken Brown reminded board members that memberships are due
  • John Miller discussed selling his books to the FMPB, Inc. at a discounted rate, for sale in the museum, on the website, and at events. It was agreed to purchase 10 copies of each of John’s books on a Lee Royer/Gary Muller motion. Vote was unanimous.

Gary Muller noted Mountain Top Heritage Days, in June, suggesting that the FMPB, Inc. participate.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm on an Lee Royer/Elaine Gladhill motion. Vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted, Clint Rock, recording Secretary

For Gary L. Muller