October 20, 2012, Meeting Minutes

The Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Incorporated
October 20, 2012, Meeting Minutes

Present: Alicia Miller, Terry Eisenhauer, Ken Brown, Dick McCracken, Steve Patterson, and Lee Royer

Staff: Michael Christopher, John Miller, and Clint Rock

Membership: none

Alicia Miller called the meeting to order at 6:31pm.

Meeting Minutes The minutes from the September meeting were approved on a Dick McCracken/Ken Brown motion. Vote was unanimous.

Treasurers Report Michael Christopher stated that there was no September Treasurer’s report prepared. He added, that there will be some large invoices, soon, for the recent paving. It was decided that thank you letters should be sent to contractors who donate time, materials, or provide a discount as a contribution on a Dick McCracken/Ken Brown motion. Vote was unanimous.

Events Alicia Miller noted the Mountaintop Community Fall Fair and Art Show to be held on Saturday, November 3rd, from 9am-3pm. She said she would attend if her schedule would permit.

Fundraising/Membership Lee Royer stated that there are currently no updates on Club donations.

Phase I Clint Rock discussed the message center kiosk for the park, stating that the Township is currently waiting to hear back from a Boy Scout, the brother of Christopher Daniels who had constructed a message board at Antietam Meadow Park, who may be interested in constructing the kiosk for his Eagle Scout project. If the scout would select another project, however, the Township Park Staff will construct the kiosk. Ken Brown stated that he would speak to Mr. Daniels about the project and attempt to confirm his interest.

Phase II Lee Royer gave an update on the site renovations, stating that the parking area has been has been paved. He added that some topsoil will be needed on-site to backfill the newly paved parking area. It was decided that the next project for the site should be to run sewer and water and to prepare the foundation for the proposed restroom. It was also noted that the striping would be necessary for the new parking area and that the tree that was taken down for the parking area should be removed from the site. It was also decided that the display cases should be removed from the building for the winter.

Phase III Steve Patterson and Lee Royer said that there seems to be some miscommunication among the members of the Beneficial Fund, as there has been a mixed response concerning their potential assistance in acquiring the WTMA property. Steve Patterson added that the previously scheduled meeting has been rescheduled for November 14th

New Business Steve Patterson discussed the Civil War Institute Conference, and making contact with Kent Masterson Brown.

Alicia Miller stated that Dave Finney has suggested a dedication ceremony for the Michigan Marker in October of 2013. He would anticipate several groups and organizations from Michigan attending the event. John Miller suggested that there should be multiple dedication ceremonies for the project; a ceremony for the interpretive center, a ceremony for the Michigan Marker, and ceremony for the refurbished Vietnam Memorial, etc. He noted that multiple events would create more opportunities to raise awareness and possibly generate some funding. Possible dates would be dedicate the building in June, living history to commemorate the battle in July, Michigan marker in October, and Vietnam memorial on Veteran’s Day in November.

Michael Christopher discussed having recently been approached about the possibility of two confederate soldiers buried in Rouzerville. He said that the owner of the property has granted permission to dig on their property. Mr. Christopher went on to note that there are several organizations interested in studying the area to confirm whether or not there are soldiers buried at this property. These are organizations skilled in this field of study.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 pm on a Steve Patterson/Ken Brown motion. Vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary L. Muller, Secretary

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